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Beginning March 18, the Sun Prairie Pet Clinic initiated several measures designed to reduce the transmission of the novel coronavirus.  The most visible of these measures included preventing client traffic in and out of the Clinic for exams or pickup of medicines and foods.  This was a difficult decision, but one made out of concern for our staff and all of our clients.  Other changes included the ongoing use of masks by our staff in the clinic, enhanced cleaning procedures, and touch-less transactions using payments over the phone.

These changes created new challenges for us, as every one of our appointments take a longer time to accomplish.  Because of this, there are less appointment times available compared to previous months.  Our staff continues to work to be available whenever we are needed to help you and your feline and canine family members.  We acknowledge that finding appointment times is harder now, and we greatly appreciate your understanding as everyone navigates through the changes posed by the coronavirus pandemic.

So far we feel that our steps have been successful.  We are still working with a full staff of dedicated professionals, and we have not needed to alter our hours throughout this process.

In the coming weeks and months we plan to continue to monitor the local conditions regarding coronavirus cases as we plan for operational changes moving forward.  Unfortunately, we work in a confined environment and cannot practice social distancing while caring for our patients.  Additionally, if clients are entering and leaving the building it will generate additional steps that include cleaning and disinfection of all areas that the public has come into contact with.  On typical working days prior to the COVID-19 pandemic our Clinic would see between 50 and 100 different people come through the doors, and under current circumstances this represents a tremendous opportunity for coronavirus transmission.  Because of these factors, we do not anticipate a return to having clients enter the building for exams and food or medicine pickups for the foreseeable future.  Additionally, we have suspended scheduling of routine nail trim procedures with our technical staff due to time constraints that are present with these services.  These policies will be adjusted as we continue to monitor coronavirus cases in our community.


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