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Positions are available at Sun Prairie Pet Clinic

The Sun Prairie Pet Clinic has positions available for people to start on or continue with their career in veterinary medicine.  We are looking for veterinary technicians (both certified and no-certified), as well as assistants and client relation staff.  Experience in the field is valuable but not necessary, as we can train candidates with entry-level skills.  If you have been thinking about entering the field of veterinary medicine, consider joining our busy, locally-owned practice.  Learn more about positions at the Clinic by clicking here; contact us with questions at staff@sunprairiepetclinic.com

Sun Prairie Pet Clinic will schedule appointments with your choice of face-to-face or curbside format starting July 2021

Click here for details of our plan to offer appointments in either curbside or face-to-face format

Visits inside the Clinic will be made available to clients at the client’s preference with these provisions:

  • The use of well-fitting face masks that cover both the nose and mouth at all times during the visit
  • No more than one family member unless prior arrangements are made
  • Duration of time in the Clinic will be limited to that needed for the examination with the doctor or technician.  The waiting room will be closed.  If there are tests or procedures to be completed, you will be asked to wait outside of the building.
  • Curbside appointments will be available throughout this process for clients that are not yet comfortable with coming into the building.

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