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Sun Prairie Pet Clinic 

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Our Mission

Comprehensive, personalized veterinary care.  Dedication to advancing and updating the knowledge of our staff and our clients.  Celebration of the human-animal bond that comes from having a pet.  These are the principles that guide our practice.

Our Passion

We are driven to provide care for your canine and feline family members because we are pets owners, too.  We want the best for our patients and the people that own them.  Put our experience and dedication to work for your pets. Learn More

Our Practice

Each pet that we see is unique and special, as are the families that take care of them.  We feel that every pet deserves individualized attention and care.  See what a tailored approach to veterinary care can do for your canine or feline family members.Learn More

Our News

You need the latest and most accurate information to make the best decisions for your pets.  We look for practical information and the latest news, then provide a personal analysis to help you do just that.  Look here for news and the SPPC blog.

Our News