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Appointment availability changes associated with the pandemic

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in early 2020, our area has seen a significant increase in the pet population as families have taken in dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens from local humane societies and breeders. This reminder of the incredible power of the bond we share with our pets is uplifting during the turbulent times associated with the pandemic.

A consequence of this increase in the local pet population is a decrease in available appointments at veterinary facilities, including the Sun Prairie Pet Clinic. Because of this, we advise that pet parents call for appointments earlier for wellness care than in the past, as there can be delays before we will be able to schedule your pets. Additionally, bear in mind that if your pet needs immediate care, you may be referred to a local urgent or critical care facility for more timely care. We ask for your understanding as we work to have your canine and feline family members seen as soon as we are able.

Positions are available at Sun Prairie Pet Clinic

The Sun Prairie Pet Clinic has positions available for people to start on or continue with their career in veterinary medicine.  We are looking for veterinary technicians (both certified and no-certified), as well as assistants and client relation staff.  Experience in the field is valuable but not necessary, as we can train candidates with entry-level skills.  If you have been thinking about entering the field of veterinary medicine, consider joining our busy, locally-owned practice.  Learn more about positions at the Clinic by clicking here; contact us with questions at [email protected]


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Comprehensive, personalized veterinary care. Dedication to advancing and updating the knowledge of our staff and our clients. Celebration of the human-animal bond that comes from having a pet. These are the principles that guide our practice.

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Each pet that we see is unique and special, as are the families that take care of them. We feel that every pet deserves individualized attention and care. See what a tailored approach to veterinary care can do for your canine or feline family members.Learn More

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