Sun Prairie Pet Clinic’s Services

Our animal hospital has the ability to address a wide variety of concerns and issues for your pet. We have three exam rooms to give you room and minimize crowding among unfamiliar animals. In-house laboratory testing, including blood chemistry, electrolyte determination, thyroid testing, and cell counting ability allows us to provide point-of-care diagnostics. Modern gas anesthesia and dedicated full-size surgery suite provides the best environment for a safe surgical experience. Dental services are provided by a wide complement of dental equipment.

Routine medical and preventative care services may be the only care your dog or cat needs.  We work with you to create a personalized immunization plan, as well as a program to address common wellness care issues such as parasite prevention, senior wellness for the older pet, and maintaining optimal weight.

Examinations and vaccines are only the beginning, however.  Our experience and personalized attention to your pet’s care allow us to address specific concerns about skin care, oral health, behavioral and training issues, gastrointestinal and nutritional management, and many others.  The combined experience of our veterinarians  gives us the ability to rapidly address and correct frequently encountered emergencies.  If deemed necessary, we have referral partners that we can refer to 24 hours a day for more aggressive care.

Our clinic has available laboratory testing to facilitate our medical care.  We can perform blood chemistry analysis, cell count determination, x-rays, fecal testing, urinalysis, electrolyte determination, tissue sample analysis, and many other services with both in-hospital and off-site laboratories.

The Sun Prairie Pet Clinic can perform a wide range of surgical procedures when needed for your dog or cat.  Elective procedures such as  ovariohysterectomy (spay) and neutering for dogs and cats as well as mass removals and other soft tissue procedures are routinely done.  Other non-elective but non-emergency surgeries are available, such as removal of skin or deep tissue masses and dental assessment and treatment.  More urgent surgeries that are done if the need arises include urinary stone removal, gastric surgery, intestinal surgery, Cesarian section, as well as many other soft tissue surgeries can be completed by our staff.

Orthopedic surgeries frequently are more complex and benefit from board-certified surgeons.  We refer orthopedic surgeries to a variety of referral partners for definitive care of fractures, ligament tears, among others.

The success of surgery is dependent on safe and effective anesthesia.  Every surgery patient has access to pre-anesthesia bloodwork, IV fluid  for blood pressure support, ECG and blood pressure monitoring, oxygen and carbon dioxide level monitoring, as well a thermal regulation.

 Dental issues are frequently encountered by dogs and cats.  Many of the oral heath issues that we see are impacted by diet, home care, age, overall health, and lifestyle of the pet.  Attention to oral health can avoid many problems and extend both the quantity and the quality of life of your pet.

Dental care at Sun Prairie Pet Clinic begins at a young age, with instruction on home oral care and demonstration of these with the owner.  We use a variety of oral health care products to provide choices to you since each pet will accept oral care differently.  Examples of oral care items include brushes and enzymatic toothpaste, oral rinses, treated chews and treats, water additives, among others.

If the occasion arises that your pet needs more aggressive oral health care, we are able to provide oral health care in the clinic.  Dental care under anesthesia is used intermittently through life to allow the veterinary staff to accurately diagnose and treat oral health care problems.

In-clinic grooming services are available.  Prime Cuts, LLC is run by Gabrielle Neumaier; she has been in the grooming field for over 8 years.  Gabe will take the time to discuss with you the specific grooming needs of your pet as well as your preferences for the appearance after a clipping.  Prime Cuts is available every workday and Saturday mornings by appointment.  Prime Cuts can be reached directly by calling 608-843-7337.

Why Choose Us

      • Experienced veterinarians- Drs. Vitale, Lauri, and Brye have over 44 years experience between them, spanning general medicine, emergency and critical care, dental and surgical experience.
      • Experienced staff – average of over 6 years experience among our 3 technicians.
      • Personalized care for your canine and feline family members.
      • Grooming services available on premises.
      • Flexible scheduling options, including evening hours daily, drop-off appointments, and Saturday office hours.  Evening and weekend calls are handled by our staff for your convenience.  Online scheduling available for your convenience.