One of the first decisions that you will make regarding your dog or cat is possibly the most important.  Choosing a food for your pet will impact most aspects of your dog or cat’s life.

There are a wide variety of foods available for dog and cats. Previously the decision was simply between dry and canned food.  Now there are options that include raw diets, homemade diets, grain-free, high- or low protein, along with many others.  The range of choices has become dizzying, and with it has come a lot of information from many sources convinced that there is a ‘best’ way to feed dogs and cats.

Every pet owner has an idea how they want to feed based on their schedule and personal preferences.  By taking these into account, there are typically several different foods that can be used to achieve a good result for you pet.  Typically, good foods will have a high-quality protein as the main ingredient, followed by digestable carbohydrates and a modest amount of fat.  There are a large number of foods that fit this profile.  Ultimately, the performance of the food in your individual pet is the strongest factor in choosing to feed a particular food.  If you have provide a food that results in a good body condition, is convenient to feed, is within your budget, and is acceptable to your pet, then you have strong reasons to use that food.  If any of these aspects are not what you want from your pet’s food, then an alternate food should be sought.

Certain medical conditions and stages in life need to be addressed with foods that have a specific nutritional profile.  If you are considering a dietary change for your dog or cat, or if you have questions regarding selection of a food for your pet, please contact us at 608-834-8118 or email us at [email protected]