In July 2021 we will return to scheduling face-to-face appointments in addition to offering curbside as well.  We recognize that different families have varying levels of comfort in regard to returning to face-to-face appointments in an exam room setting.  Because of this, we now offer a choice of either curbside or face-to-face format for regularly scheduled appointments. 

To maintain our efforts at keeping COVID-19 exposure risk as low as possible, we will continue to restrict access to the building and will have doors locked through the day.  When you arrive to the Clinic for an appointment we request that you call from your parking spot to alert us that you have arrived.  Our staff will then direct you though the steps of your appointment, either by gathering information over the phone (in the case of a curbside visit) or by escorting you and your pet into the building (in the case of a face-to-face visit).  

For all clients that are entering the building for an appointment, we will continue to require that a mask is worn over the nose and mouth throughout the duration of your time in the Clinic.  Failure to wear a mask throughout you time in the Clinic will result in finishing your visit in a curbside format.  

If you have arranged to have prescription foods or medicines ready ahead of you visit, these will continue to be placed in the vestibule that is reserved for pickup.  For our clients that arrive to the Clinic to purchase prescription foods or medications without prior arrangements we ask that you please contact us when you arrive so we can assist you.