If you are planning to get a dog, there are a number of things you should consider to maximize the enjoyment of pet ownership.


One of the most important things to consider is what type of dog to get.  With the wide variety of breeds available, there is typically a breed that is well suited to your home; conversely, there are a number of breeds that may not suit your home and lifestyle well.

Remember all of the family members that will be living with this dog.  Additionally, keep in mind the other people that will interact with your dog and how you want that interaction to develop.  If there is a large number of young children that will be around your dog, finding a breed that is calm and not easily agitated will be a good choice.  The size of the dog also very important and must be considered.  If your dog will be kept at family member’s homes while you vacation, be certain that they are able to take care of the dog you get, otherwise the dog will need to travel with you or will need to be kenneled at a commercial kenneling facility.


Considering the age of a dog is another important factor to consider as well.  Acquiring a puppy allows to you have a lot of control over the training from the beginning.  Training a puppy from a young age can be challenging, though, and requires a significant time investment.  Getting an adult dog allows you to skip house training and basic training (like sit, come, and stay), though if that training was not completed already you may need to do this anyway.


While many people have a preference regarding getting a male or a female dog, there typically is no significant difference between the two as long as there is proper training and temperament for your home.

Taking the time to consider these factors is very important to maximize the enjoyment you get from your newest family member.