Update On Sun Prairie Pet Clinic 

Protocol Changes with COVID-19 Outbreak

Containment Efforts

Monday, March 16th, 2020

There is a considerable amount of concern and anxiety surrounding the recently-identified, novel coronavirus and the COVID-19 respiratory disease that it causes in people.  Available information and communication surrounding COVID-19 is constantly evolving, leading to rapidly changing recommendations and procedures.

Our veterinary staff has an obligation to protect and promote public health, as well as the wellness of our canine and feline family members, and we do not take this lightly.   At this time, there is no information to indicate that our dogs and cats can contract the respiratory disease associated with the novel coronavirus.  We have decided to take measures to slow the transmission of this coronavirus through the people in our community.

The staff at the Sun Prairie Pet Clinic, Inc. has been monitoring all of the available information regarding COVID-19 in both people and our canine and feline family members.  Based on current information and recommendations, we will implement the following changes in our operations to keep us in alignment with recommendations from the CDC as well as the Wisconsin Department of Public Health and the Dane County Department of Public Health.

If You Have Tested Positive for COVID-19 or If You Have a Fever:

If you have tested positive for COVID-19 you should be following state-mandated self-quarantine procedures, and as such you should stay home.  Please do not visit our clinic if you have a fever, cough, or cold and flu-like symptoms.  This is appropriate to follow under typical situations and especially under the current fears of COVID-19.

If you are positive or are feeling ill and your pet needs to be seen, please call the us at 608-834-8118, and we can discuss options that are available to have your pet seen and treated.

New Procedures When You Come to Visit Sun Prairie Pet Clinic:

Based on current recommendations we will be working to increase social distancing and decrease foot traffic though the clinic:

  • We will be asking our patients to be accompanied by only one family member.  If you need assistance with your pet, or if you have multiple pets, please let us know and we can have staff members help with your visit.
  • When in the exam room we will be recommending that handling of your pet for his or her examination be performed by our staff.  This is being done to maintain the recommended distance between people as put forward by the CDC and Dane County Public Health.  The examination can be done in the exam room, though optimally this would be done out of the exam room in the treatment area.  It is important that you know that your pet will NOT be taken from the exam room for any reason without your permission.

If You Have an Appointment and Need to Reschedule:

Simply call the clinic, and we can find an alternate time and date for your visit.  There are no penalties for cancellations or rescheduled appointments.

If You Have Concerns About Public Spaces and You Need to Come with Your Pet to the Sun Prairie Pet Clinic:

Know that in addition to our already thorough cleaning procedures, we have initiated additional steps to increase the scope of our cleaning with the current coronavirus concerns.

We recognize that some individuals may not feel comfortable interacting with people in public at this time.  If this is the case, but you still need to have your pet seen at the clinic, we will have disposable masks and hand sanitizers available for your use upon request.

Additionally, we can bring your pet into the clinic for their visit from your vehicle if you prefer.  You have the flexibility to remain outside the clinic; our staff can communicate with you outside or by phone.

Finally, we have the capability of having your pet’s care performed without you present by having you drop off your pet with us and having you come back later in the day.

Local Awareness:

At this time there have been 5 confirmed cases of coronavirus in people in Dane County.  Several of these cases have been noted in the city of Sun Prairie.  This has led to high suspicion of additional cases that have yet to be discovered, in turn raising concern for widespread transmission of this disease.

While there is currently no information confirming significant numbers of cases, we realize that this is a real possibility after monitoring the progression of COVID-19 in other communities and countries.

Both the State of Wisconsin and the Public Health Department of Madison and Dane County have mandated isolation of all individuals that test positive for this novel coronavirus.  Additionally, individuals that are feeling ill or have a fever have been advised to not leave home.  Most recently, the Governor has ordered closing of all schools in Wisconsin beginning March 18 until April 6; the Sun Prairie School District extended that closure to include March 16 and 17 as well.  All of these measures have been instituted to attempt to slow the transmission of the coronavirus and cases of COVID-19.